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34th Conference of the German Society of International Law

11th March 2015 – 15th March 2015

The past Biennial Meeting was held at the University of Gießen from 13 to 16 March 2015. It dealt with the topics of „Freedom and Regulation in Cyberspace“ and „Identification of the Law between Source and Court“. Speakers were Andreas von Arnauld, Bettina Heiderhoff, Josef Drexl, Stefanie Schmahl, Matthias Ruffert, Oliver Remien, Ursula Kriebaum and Christian Tams. The program and the theses of the presentations are available for download on the right.

Dr. Anuscheh Farahat, MPI Heidelberg, has been awarded the Hermann Mosler-Preis of the DGIR for her work titled „Progressive Inklusion – Zugehörigkeit und Teilhabe im Migrationsrecht“ .